B.A.P. Report from Sally, and Here Comes Trev!

Jesus. Up to my eyeballs in B.A.P. ‘Up for it’ pigeons rocking up from all over. Last weekend Sally went to Walthamstow to do her report. Sounds like she had a right weird time of it – ended up at Walthamstow Dog Track

She reckoned there were loads of freaky dogs like this:

Even worse, they were wearing poncy fucking waistcoats chasing a rabbit with a stick up its arse. Jesus Christ.

Pollution wise tho, Sally said: “Surprisingy, Walthamstow smelt ok, till I got to the dog track.”

Cheers for that one Sally.

So – I’ve been busy making plans for Trev. Trev’s a mate who’s coming to visit all the way from ‘Up North’ – wherever that is…

This is Trev:

Bit of a blogger himself, he got in touch a while back. Now he’s on his way down to ‘do London’. Mart’s wetting it.

He’s into the B.A.P. thing and totally anti the whole ‘just send pigeons up there and hope for the best’. Dude. Bring it on.

August 16, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Fette replied:

    Trev looks like you may wanna keep a close eye on him mate, I heard he likes ‘little chicks’ and were’re talkin’ like half a dozen at atime here…’up north’ they don’t fuck about! Cute with the tie though…bless

  2. Elf Mandinio replied:

    thats one massive pic! and it doesnt help that it looks as tho he needs to go on a diet. Getting a bit pudgy round the middle…

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Fette: He’s wetting his pants about being in London. Arrived yesterday. We’re going out and about later on. You’re right tho – gonna have to keep a close eye on him!
    Your pal Bri

    Elf Mandinio: Don’t worry, he’ll loose a bit with all the sightseeing we’re gonna do!
    Your pal Bri

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