Brian Against Pollution Campaign – Reporters Wanted

Right – since that da Costa bird’s gone and sent her fucked up pigeons into the polluted skies over San Jose, it seems my alternative pigeon friendly ‘Simple Sniff Test‘ has started to take off. Literally.

Angered by the idea of forcing us up there like da Costa did, loads of pals are sending me their reports after I put a shout out for pigeons everywhere to just sniff where you live, and let me know what it smells like.

No cameras, no flying right into it – just have sniff, and let me know.

Since I launched it a month ago there’s been Eric in Stoke Newington:

Sally from Acton:

and Donald in Blackheath:

All of them are up for being Pigeon Blog B.A.P. reporters. Gonna do them ID cards and everything. Sally said she’s off to Walthamstow at the weekend and will let me know what it smells like when she gets back. Cool.
Then, yesterday, Mart says he wanted a go and went off with Bernie.

Only got as far as Oxford Street, and came back with this.

Bernie next to a puddle:

“It’s been raining in The West End”.

For fuck’s sake.

Any more pigeons out there wanna give it a go – just send me a pic and your report to brianpigeon AT gmail DOT com.

August 13, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Michelle replied:

    I’m thinking Bernie is far more interested in checking out his reflection than becoming a B.A.P. reporter. Far to vain if you ask me!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Michelle: Totally with you on that one. Bernie and Mart – seriously not the way to go for B.A.P.
    Your pal Bri

  3. claudiahector replied:

    As far as pollution is concerned people don’t give pigeons the credit they deserve for combatting the rat menace. By the time the rats come out at night every spare crumb has been eaten by the pigeons so there is nothing left for the vermin. Helps keep their numbers down.

    I hear a lot of complaints about pigeons but when I ask people if they would actually prefer sea gulls they turn pale and change the subject.

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