Southend Simon

Got sent this from Essex Girl – cheers Essex Girl – a pigeon hanging out in  Southend – she thought it might be me coz it totally looks like me…

Anyway, turns out it’s my cousin Simon. He moved down there a while back after he shacked up with Sharon who he met on a daytrip to Hastings. They’re loving it in Southend apparently. Gonna see if I can get him involved in B.A.P. Could do with a rep on the Essex coast…

Essex Girl – let me know if you see him again – maybe he’s on email…?

July 25, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Spruiked replied:

    Didn’t you change your name from “Simon”?

    I wonder if your cousin is “in” with an old mate of mine, Stephanie. Stephanie and I used to hang out on Sydney’s swanky Woolloomooloo Wharf.

    We got pretty close. Until I found out she was heading up a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda. Cyril told me. Fucking Cyril. He was banging her at the same time. Working for the FBI. Stephanie was such a scrag.

  2. EssexBird replied:

    That’s a sell out Essex pigeon. Any REAL pigeon from Essex would be proud to wear it’s Burberry cap and Elizabeth Duke ring.

    Bri, keep an eye out for Tracey the Essex pigeon. She’s a real goer.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Spruiked: Jesus. Stephanie – that old feathery slag. Cyril too – mind you – name like Cyril – you gotta wonder… Is that double agent Cyril tho – if it is… worth knowing!
    Your pal Brian P

    Essex Bird: Tracey – heard about her too. Slag.
    Your pal Bri P

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