Launch Of ‘The Simple Sniff Test’

Right – posted about this back in Feb – some bird called Beatriz Da Costa is doing an experiment with a bunch of pigeons. Strapping a camera to them and sending them up in the air over San Jose in California. She wants to get them to measure pollution, that’s if they don’t fucking choke to death. Jesus. Seriously cruel and totally uneccesary. So – this was my idea: ‘The Simple Sniff Test’. Loads better. Get pigeon pals all over to just have a sniff, and tell me what it smells like. Fucking perfect. No cams, no flying around in it, just a quick sniff, and let me know.

Decided to call the whole thing B.A.P. – Brian Against Pollution.
Here’s my first recruit, Eric:

Eric’s from Stoke Newington, London. He got back to me yesterday and said it smelt really bad up there – particularly around the Church Street area.

Cheers Eric.

July 21, 2006. Uncategorized.

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