Spam I like: Another potential job…

Today, got this in my spam – from someone called ‘Charlie Henderson’:

“Hey Brianpigeon!.
WestPay Incorporated is a well-known Company which provides services to American citizens living in Europe.

WestPay Incorporated now announces new job openings.
The available position is: Delivery Agent”

Unlike the last one – I reckon this one’s got real potential… surely ‘Delivery Agent’ is a total natural fit for a pigeon? Reckon I could sort a great CV…

Here’s the covering letter:

“I consider myself to be an extremely diligent pigeon. I’m light of wing with a strong sense of direction. I pride myself in always knowing where I’m going to, and getting there – fast.

I’m popular and hard working and am great at working as part of a team.

An enthusiastic Delivery Agent with experience in delivering everything from brief messages through to complex packaging.

Always keen to further myself, I eagerly await your response…”.

I’ll let you know!

July 4, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. StrandMan replied:

    Dear Brian,
    You have the job. Please be at the Strand opposite Royal Court of Justice for 2pm for you first delivery. Your will be part of our expanding courier operation and get benefits as well as access to our gym and health care system. There are also some really fit birds here….

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    StrandMan: Great! I’ll be the pigeon in the courier hat – if I’ve still got it… I’ll bring my CV. Look forward to meeting you.
    Your pal Brian Pigeon

  3. Elf Mandinio replied:

    Going into the ole postman game then? Il send over Trev to give you some pointers (more like get some pointers from you, the amount he’s learned so far….)

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