Headlights for Pigeons

This was sent to me by Patita. Hilarious. Pigeon headlights:

Check out the story – mental. Basically some knob called Jasper van den Brink had this great idea. Stick lights on our feet and make us fly around at night. Just he forgot to ask if we can see in the fucking dark. Twat. No wonder the poor dude looks confused. Probably totally lost. We hate the dark – it sucks – so don’t even go there. Mind you, quite like the idea of a protest flyby at night – never gets that dark in London anyway… maybe we could just strap some mini maglites to our feet? Food for thought.

Cheers for the story Patita!

June 29, 2006. Uncategorized.

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  1. Capri replied:

    I think they have shoes like that somewhere. 😯

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