The Truth About Baby Pigeons

Suddenly there’s loads of stuff in the news about how people think birds are weird, esp when it comes to babies. Like this article sent to me by my pal Ryan. Says how birds sometimes like one kid more than the other. Eh? Course we do. Jesus. If you got one who’s a pain in the arse and falls out of the nest all the time, you’re gonna spend more time with the other, esp if you’ve got to spend as long with the fuckers as we do.

Ever wonder why there’s no baby pigeons knocking about? Here’s your answer: it’s coz they can’t be arsed to leave home till we kick them out. Crunch time usually comes when you end up with four huge pigeons in one nest – too much. Tbh, they’d stay for ever if they could- get fed and sit about all day. Young pigeons are lazy as fuck. End of. Even when they get kicked out they usually stomp off in a right strop – beak sucking and kicking stuff. Then they hang around for a few days, see if we change our mind till finally they get the message and fuck off.

There’s also one other very good reason why you don’t see baby pigeons – they’re ugly as and parents are often embarassed to be seen with them:

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  1. Elf Mandinio replied:

    Strangely enough, i saw a baby pigeon on my way to work today. It was sat on a lamp post, huddled underneath its parent. Obviously proves what you say about them being lazy mummys boys.

  2. Julia replied:

    I’ve watched several pairs of baby pigeons grow big and strong on window ledges around my flat – I happen to think they’re very cute when their eyes have just opened and they’re all fat and jiggly with beaks too big for their faces. Unfortunately, they can’t be arsed to shit outside the nest, so by the time they leave it’s rather disgusting.

    Come on Brian, show us your baby pics!

  3. Marit replied:

    Oh come on now. I’ve looked after dozens of little guys, and they’re pretty endearing. ‘Eee eee eeee’…..they can get away with murder. Even the bully pigeons at my place leave them alone if they say ‘Eeee’. Mind, they don’t seem to buy it from the adults who try that.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Elf Mandinio: Totally. Probably fell out of the nest and now it’s waiting for ‘Mumsie’ to get it back there. Jesus.
    Your pal Bri P

    Julia: Ok – so they can be a little bit cute sometimes, but the shitting in the nest thing. See! They get trained to stick their arses out but just never bother. The parents give up on the cleaning, and there you have it. A dirty shit filled nest! Hmmm – as for pics of me… my mum’s prob chucked them. Tbh, as baby pigeons go I defo wasn’t a looker. Not even slightly.
    Your pal Bri

    Marit: They get away with murder coz they’re really spoilt and get stroppy if they don’t get their own way. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Eeeee’. It’s just the pigeons way of having a good old whine! When adult pigeons do it, they’re just taking the piss out of their kids.
    Your pal Bri P

  5. Alex Taylor replied:

    I love this picture of the two baby pigeons. Last summer I got the pleasure of raising two pigeons and some more young birds. I think that birds are one of the best creatures put onto this planet!

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    Alex Taylor: Pal to the pigeons! Love to see some pics if you’ve got some…
    Your pal
    Brian P

  7. Flaming Ian replied:

    Hey guys,

    All this argue about pigeons is making me rather noxious. Allmost to a point beyond where most people reply saying “that’s too far.” Why you ask? I will tell you why.

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    I will tell you. It’s life. Life you ask? No, you don’t. You’re probably wondering what it has to do with Leonard Bernstein. Everything has meaning. Life has no beginning known to mankind. The end is the same. When the end of the world is nearby, people will probably know, BUT the end itself is not experienced. We will not be able to define the meaning afterwards. And to give an answer to a question already asked, ‘is’ is defined by experience.

    Experience is what we, metafysically, know has happened, so we define it. Yes, now it all sounds obvious, but it’s much more complicated than that.

    After START 3, the world was once again split in to two. What does this have to do with Berstein? You will see. The definition of this accord has to do with world order. What is world order? Is it the way we live our everyday lives, the manner we do it? Yes it is controlled by it. You might not be aware of it, but Poetin, Breshnev, Harold Ford, George Bush, en Tintin do not control the world. They are merely puppets. This may sound very paranoid, but it is the bare truth as you and me experience everyday.

    The word experience is mentioned again. I will tell you why. It is orchestrated by the Patriots.

    So, in conclusion, further information is on my forum.

    Flaming Ian

  8. sophie replied:

    i’ve just found two babies in the library window opposite my flat…been watching the nest for a while…

    now have to think of names…

  9. pigeonblog replied:

    Sophie: Cool! Take a pic and send it to me and I’ll post it!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  10. tara replied:

    I think I have some baby pigeon outside my window but I can’t see for the ac unit is obstructing my view. My cats are going nuts. I’m hoping it’s not a sick bird. I saw a pigeon across the other building looking towards the sounds. What do baby pigeons sound like? It sounds almost like a purr..but not a cat.. ANy help? What else could this sound be? All my cats are parked outside the window. I’m hoping the animal is okay. Thank you for your help.

  11. pigeonblog replied:

    tara: Sorry. Just saw this comment… apologies. Sounds like it might be pigeon related…? Did you have a look yet?
    Your pal
    Brian P

  12. John cecil replied:

    trust me i know. baby pigeons do exist, but they are going extint fast. the government has been kidnapping baby pigeons one by one and using them for oil. They take the oil of the baby skin and use it. They are all in a secret underground base. aka area 57. we must tell everyone and stop the kidnapping of baby pigeons. Please i dont have much time. They are coming for me as i speak. The government knows where on to them so hurry, please!!!!!!!!!1 i wil kfhgkvvvvvkjbn

  13. pigeonblog replied:

    John Cecil: Thanks for the tip off. Have to say though, I may need to check your allegations as, clearly, if this is the case, then it’s fucking war.
    Your pal
    Brian Pigeon

  14. jessica mcclain replied:

    just a few minutes ago i was outside and i climbed the wall of one of our barns.i wanted to see this piegon nest i had known was there for a while.i got up there reached in the nest and i felt somthing so i climbed even higher to see exactly what is was. it was 2 baby pigeons.thats why i came on this website. it was the most fascinating. april 9,2008

  15. Frank replied:




  16. pigeonblog replied:

    Frank: It’s called a squab. Kid you not.
    Your pal
    Bri P

  17. Owais replied:

    I got 2 baby pigeons on my balcony, with the parent sitting on top of them, apparently one of died last night due to cold weather and rain 😦

    It still laid there, while the parent pigeon watching it, doesn’t even let a fly sit on the dead baby!

    Will the parent pigeon take the dead pigeon away or will I need to move it from there?

    The other baby pigeon is OK :D, wish I could of did something from it being cold 😦

  18. pigeonblog replied:

    Owais: Thanks for your comment. That’s well sad. I reckon the bedst thing to do is leave it and see what happens coz the mum will probably freak if you take it away.
    Cheers for being a true pal to the pigeons.
    Your pal
    Bri P

  19. pigeonblog101 replied:

    When we were cutting our tree down, we found a pigeon nest we tried to move it however the mother flew away. leaving the baby alone, its not tiny however cannot fly. What should we do? Will the mother come back? Should we put the nest in a tree? Feed it? Please reply ASAP. Thanks 🙂

  20. Summer Camps replied:

    You you could edit the post subject The Truth About Baby Pigeons Pigeon Blog to something more specific for your webpage you write. I liked the the writing yet.

  21. lauren replied:

    ya they are not ugly all babbies start like that and to them it is like a diper im sure you pooped all over the house but did your mom complain?NO! and ya they leave the nest in 4 weeks or when they are to big for it so mabye you should not judge something by the way it started out to look like! And ya also there parents are not embaressed to be seen with them for god sakes there animals i wonder whet your mom fealt when you where a babey im sure she wasent embaresed with you! And yhea there so not lazy mabey you should not worry about babey pegons and look into your life! And if they where lazy then the mother would not take care of them! So mabey you should just stop worrying what animals look like!

  22. Elise replied:

    I am soon going to be that crazy lady in the park on the park bench, with pigeons sitting all over her in the park on the bench in the park, people! 😦 I don’t really want to be that crazy lady in the park sitting on the park bench, with all of the pigeons sitting on her, while she’s sitting on the park bench, in the park, on the bench, with all of the pigeons sitting on her, even now at age 40!!!!!! 😦

  23. Vani replied:

    I’ve got a couple of squabs outside my window near the ac about 1 1/2 feet down so can’t really reach out to the nest. Things looked fine until day 5. Today its day 9 and the nest is in a mess with the poop all over and it has started to smell. Given that it takes 4 weeks for the squabs to leave the nest, I’m now worried about the mess its going to create. Can you please guide on any steps I can take to reduce the mess and the stink that is starting to build up. Thanks

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