Learning to Paddle

I think it's the hot weather – but – tbh – I'm on heat. Big time. Well frisky. On the sniff 24/7. Was gonna head to Chiswick to find Mary but couldn't be arsed to fly. Thought about getting the tube but the District Line was down, so Mart suggested another trip to Hyde Park – reckons he saw Pam there yesterday – on her own.

Pitched up – no Pam – so Mart said we should give the whole swimming thing a go anyway. 

Here's Mart giving it a go – 'Hmmm – one toe at a time…':

Shitting it. Pissed ourselves.
Then we got chatting to skinny Pete who asked us to 'help him build a sandcastle'. Eh?


Frankly, a bit odd. Anyway, he pointed out us pigeons don't have the right feet for swimming. We need feet like this:


So Mart's gonna look into sorting us some pigeon flippers.  Knowing Mart we'll probably end up strapping a couple of matchsticks to our feet and wrapping them in cling film. Could work…?

June 11, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Elf Mandinio replied:

    The next step in evolution, an aquatic Pigeon! My Trevor doesnt even like getting his feet in puddles, the nancy.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Elf Mandinio: I’ll send him some flippers if we get some. Just stick him on a pond. He’ll love it.
    Your pal Bri P

  3. Elf Mandinio replied:

    Trevor seems apprehensive about being chucked in a pond, but i think itl do him good. He’s getting a bit obsessed with his postman duties. Check him out in his swimming togs! (rockyhorrorelf.blogspot.com)

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