Food Frenzy – The Goose vs The Pigeon

Nuts day today – sunny again. Cool. Decided to head down to Hyde Park – see if I could hunt down some more pigeon porn – see post below – bumped into Elliot. He hiked it from Hoxton coz, apparently, this is where tourists go to get rid of their mouldy bread. Not sure where they get it from coz they've got loads of it… Still up for the pigeon obesity campaign – but a pigeon's gotta eat.

Anyway, turns out he's right. One big free-for-all. Trouble is, that includes The Geese.  Nightmare birds from hell. Totally agressive – no need for it.

Tourist rocks up with the bread… so tourist – spot the chinos


Scramble. Here's Elliot making 'the dash'…

Next thing we know – the goose gets it… bastard.


Then Elliot gets it – ha fucking ha… 

Err… not really. Shit. Run!


Tell you – these geese are bad boys. Big, scary, and not to be messed with. 

Fucking funny tho. Pissed ourselves. 

June 8, 2006. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. KTF replied:

    Geese are bastards. End of.

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