Cirque du Soleil in Hyde Park

Ok – looks like the summer's finally rocked up – no excuse for this kind of thing tho. Found these two at it in Hyde Park. Jesus. Pulled 'em up on it – said they were just 'practising their skilled balancing act for Pigeon Du Soleil – like Cirque du Soleil, but for pigeons': 


Him: Hello. Would you like to take part in a balancing act with me? It won't take long… 

Him: There you go. Hold still now… back straight, legs strong… focus…


Him: And off I get. 

Yeah, right. Balancing act my arse. 

June 7, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Elf Mandinio replied:

    Dirty pigeons! Have they no class?

  2. RoooRoooo replied:

    Almost classy — almost!

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: Not so sure myself. I still reckon a bit of poetry and moonlight’s loads better…
    Your pal Bri P

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Elf Mandinio: Apparently not!
    Your pal Bri P

  5. RoooRoooo replied:

    I agree Brian. Before reading your blog I had no idea poetry mattered to pigeons. It’s sad to say, but among humans you don’t really have a romantic reputation.

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: That’s why I do this whole blog thing – gonna try to change all that. I should get back into the whole writing poetry myself. Maybe if I ever get that date with Mary (or Pam) I could try it out on them?!
    Your pal Bri P

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