Hull Vs Ontario

This pic was sent to me by Favus from #digi. Cheers Favus. It’s a pigeon in Hull tucking into a big old chip:
Jesus. Heart attack central.

Mind you – apparently Hull IS the worst place to live in the UK, so prob hasn’t got much choice. Poor fuck. Check out the mad bonkers look in the eye – it’s what happens when you eat too much shit – turns your brain weird.

Unlike the pigeon dudes in Ontario who took part in an experiment – clearly never done a chip ever – Ade sent me the link – an article in New Scientist about how pigeons can do logarithms – cheers Ade:

“Pigeons might perceive time on a logarithmic scale on which higher values are increasingly compressed together…”

“Alternatively, they might perceive time linearly but are confused by longer intervals”.

Frankly, I’m just confused all round.

Shit. Knew I should’ve gone easy on the throwaway.

May 25, 2006. Uncategorized.



    MUhUhuhHUhHUHUHUHUH DIGI 3@16 MANG!!!!11

  2. mrgoat replied:

    This is silly #digi in jokes.

    3:16 means good.

    deliberately typoing 3@16 is Joe Flippy Harris being amuuuzing.

    Ending sentances with !!!!!111 is clearly funny

    As is putting MANG rather than MAN

    Jesus, when you explain it, it’s clear IRC is full of tossers really. Although Flippy r0>

  3. mrgoat replied:

    that should have read r0xx0rs

    which means rocks

    oh go to if you need any more help

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Captain Beefwrists: Cheers for the comment…
    Your pal Brian P

    Mr Goat: Cheers for the translation! Nice one. Can I get a digi dictionary anywhere? Makes about as much sense as to me logarithms! Hope you liked the t shirt btw…
    Your pal Bri P

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