Why Pigeons Hate Early Mornings

Not a good start to the day – stayed over at Ali's place last night after winging it over for a throwaway. Had some of this:

Fucking horrible – nothing like the picture. Again.

Then – got woken up at the crack of arse by a load of gay birds doing the dawn chorus. Nightmare. Pigeons don't do early mornings and fucking hate singing so the dawn chorus is my idea of hell.

Remembered the reason today was bad was coz of the new stuff they all learnt for Sunday's National Dawn Chorus Day. Fucking funny last year. A whole load of us rocked up – found a bunch of sparrows singing 'Morning Has Broken' – and just stood next to them singing really badly out of tune. Totally put them off. Hilarious. Pissed ourselves. Give us a bit of Dylan's 'Had A Dream About You, Baby' and fair play.

Anyway – back in the peace and quiet of Beak Street now – thank fuck. Nothing but pigeons, and we don't do dawn. Not even slightly.

May 12, 2006. Uncategorized.

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