On The Sniff – Kensington Style

Reckon 'On The Sniff' could be a regular thing – found this guy chasing some feathery arse action in Kensington. Right posh part of town and still doing it in public. Unbelievable:

Him: "I say – excuse me – would you mind awfully…"

Him: "Excuse me… madam…. would you care to join me in a little….."

Him: "If it's okay… I'd very much like to stick it in you…"

Him: "Madam – you're lovely. The glint of sunlight in your eyes reminds me of fairies playing in enchanted meadows… and I'd really like to fill you up…"

Him: "Ok – just a little sniff then…"

Him: "It'll be fun – honestly – I'll be quick…"

Her: "Look – you're quite annoying and I'd rather eat my own eyeballs."

Him: "Mmmm…"

Her: "Will you please get your head out of my arse or I'll fart in your face."

Him: "Kinky – I like it. Ding dong."

And that was that – another horny pigeon making a tit of himself. I find a bit of poetry over a candlelit throwaway works everytime. Maybe I should get into the whole sex ed thing?

May 10, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. AG replied:

    I never thought of sky rats as fodder for fun before. Thanks!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    AG: You’re welcome!
    Your pal, Brian P

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