Some Freaky Weird Shit Going On in London

Found this:

"Forty feet high and 42 tonnes in weight, this beautiful creature will capture the hearts and minds of everyone who sees it."

What the fuck?

"The Sultan’s Elephant is played out over four days in the streets, squares and public spaces of central London. "

I'm now thinking the King Kong of elephants going mental down Pall Mall… could be a laugh…

Turns out it's not real at all – someone knocked it up – shame – this is it:

 So – this weekend a fucking enormous elephant made out of egg boxes is gonna be hauled round London. Jesus Christ. Imagine the shit if someone knocked up a 42 ft pigeon and did the same thing – food for thought for the Give Pigeons A Chance campaign…

Make it fly – and bingo.

May 3, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. boahfbgf replied:

    u r some freaky shit man 😦

  2. boahfbgf replied:

    mother fuckers freaky man do not give me some freaky shit man

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    boahfbgf: Is that an ‘upset/nervous’ face? Sorry if the thought of a 42ft pigeon scares you… Didn’t mean to freak you out. Is it a general anti-pigeon thing or is it just the thought of a really big one?
    Your pal
    Brian Pigeon

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