It’s Friday

Which is odd – coz I keep thinking it's Thursday.

Out and about with Mart earlier and saw something down on The Square which made me piss myself. Maybe it's the new moon, or just coz we got the Bird Flu 'all clear'… but, suddenly, there's buckets of fuckin' nutters everywhere:

Like these two. Utter, utter freaks – Wendy and Jeffrey. Here they are doing their 'routine'. They normally hang near Covent Garden – and call it 'Street Theatre'. She – Wendy – takes the lead – does these high leg lifts – big grin on her beak – and strutts her stuff. Jeffrey just shuffles along behind, sniffing her bum. That's it. Theatre – my arse. Fucking weirdos. Wendy said – kid you not – 'It's an expression of the relationship between the submissive and the dominant presenting the juxtaposition of the male and female relationship'. Eh? I'd say it's two freaky pigeons looking like tits. Jesus. They've been at it for years, apparently.

April 28, 2006. Uncategorized.

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