Pigeon News: Pigeon Auctions So Suck

Googled 'pigeon news' today – thought I'd see what people are saying about the whole 'pigeons don't get bird flu' thing – still fuck all – found this though – Jesus Christ:

Page 1 – number 3 – calling itself 'Pigeons News'.

News – is it fuck! Not even slightly. It's a whole site just for buying and selling pigeons! *Capri made a fair point in the comments – to explain – pigeons get sold for racing and just keeping generally* Kid you not. That's all it does. Buy and sell. No news, no nice pics – just out and out pigeon slavery – and has the nerve to call it 'News' – shit grammer too btw. Any other world and these guys would loose their nuts. 

Got me thinking – with all the 'Give Pigeons A Chance' stuff I kinda forgot about my 'Pigeon Auction Petition'! Started it ages ago…

Sign up here if you think the pigeon slavery sucks. If you're not sure – read Alf's story…

This is a mate of mine, Alkee Alf – the mate who found the spinnies the other night. Truth is – reason he's hooked on 'em is he got caught up in the whole pigeon auction racket thing a few years ago.

Poor fucker.

Got nabbed – sold as a racer – and made to race when he'd never done it before. Nightmare. Obv he was really shit, so he kept on ending up in auctions – for years. Then – and this is well sad – he was so shit that one day he had a sticker on him saying 'free' – no price – just free, and still noone took him – so he got chucked out.

Now – coz of all that he started on the spinnies, big style. He's got this mental tick thing going on with his head and, coz he's pissed most of the time, he walks with his legs like this to stop himself falling over.

Anyway – there's Alf's story. See – pigeon auctions suck the big one.

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  1. Capri replied:

    Buying and selling pigeons for what though? 😦

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Capri: Totally fair point. I presume people know – basically they’re being bought and sold to race. I’ll edit and stick a link in coz you’re prob not alone. It’s well bad though – don’t think Alf’s story’s a one off either. Harsh life of serious pressure – don’t do well in your races, and you get sold. Give me an urban pigeon’s life anyday!
    Your pal
    Bri P

  3. Charles replied:

    Some folks are just crazy. While you are looking at pigeon auction sites, do you see the prices that are next to those Feathered Friends? Do you think that Pigeon Fanciers are spending that much money on a BIRD just to harm it? I would bet that most pigeons in a cage get more attention and care than you give your dog.
    Next time you start a blog, you should create one that questions STUPIDITY and the damage it causes. “Have you hugged a pigeon today?” AND BY THE BY…most of the birds on an auction are sold because they are of good quality (long line of winners) not because they are no good. When they are no good, they are put in the trash, like this blog should be.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Charles: Cheers for the comment – but – tbh, not sure you get it… did you look at any of the rest of the blog? My name is Brian and I’m a pigeon living in London – Pigeon Blog is my online diary and therefore just one pigeon’s pov. I’m not saying this is what all pigeons think – clearly that would be wrong. No offence is meant whatsoever. Frankly tho, if a pigeon can’t have a rant on a blog, then where can he?
    Your pal Brian P

  5. A racer replied:

    I race pigeons and if you knew anything about the sport you would know they are now forced to race or to come back home they are set free every day and if THEY wish to come back they come back if not they go were they want. Yes the breeders are prisoner birds, but they are taken care of very well and I usually only keep them that way for a few years and they are set free for their retirement. So you fucking whiners go whine about something that matters and is a real problem.

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    A racer replied: Oh dear. Another one that clearly doesn’t get it. Never mind. Sure there are loads of racers totally up for it – this is just one London pigeon’s pov. Probably a bit of jealousy on my part too coz I never got the chance to give it a go!
    Your pal Brian Pigeon

  7. pijracer replied:

    Pigeon Brian, Your friend walking in circles is very sick. This is a disease that affects the brain. It is a social disease transmitted from one carrier to another. Proper care should be taken instead of spending time writing about things you have no clue about. However it is far too late by the time I found this to be of any help (like I could have really helped You) They say “stupid” cant be fixed. If you really gave a shit about the bird you would have sought medical attention for it.

  8. pigeonblog replied:

    pijracer: And another one! See reply to racer above! He doesn’t really walk round in circles. Jesus!
    Brian Pigeon

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