The Day After…

As suspected, a late post after a heavy night – see post below.

Winged it all the way to Hoxton after some Piccadilly eye blurring action to find Elliot had wimped out on the party venue. Twat. Thankfully I’d found this site earlier in the week – a pigeons dream! – a whole list of empty places in London. Figuring Elliot might fuck up, I took a couple of potentials along to be on the safe side – nuts move as it turned out – saved the night.

Ended up here:

Fucking perfect. Great night. Tops. Loads of us in there – probably still are! Even the Brixton boys rocked up. Sang a few songs – badly – Mart did ‘Knees Up Mother Brown‘ in his bestest cockney. Pissed myself. Course we all joined in on the ‘And what a rotten singer too-oo-oooh’ bit.

Then… Alkee Alf – no surprise – found a couple of spinnies – spilled tinnies. Oh dear. All went a bit weird after that. In a good way.

One serious mental scramble for the water this morning – everyone looking well ropey – that’s Mart at the back – he puked just after I took this:

pigeon blog ropey pigeons

Headed back West and swung by Norms to check comments etc. – too out of it to post. Then – eh? What the fuck? Expected to see: ‘Pigeons Say No To Bird Flu’, ‘Pigeons – Safe At Last!’, ‘Pigeons Of London: “I’m Sorry” Says Mayor Ken’ splashed everywhere…

Jesus Christ – nada – not a thing – nothing at all – not a single mensh, anywhere.

Can’t believe it. Gutted.

So – look’s like that’s another job for Brian Pigeon – let London know WE GOT THE ALL CLEAR!

Anyway – off home now – early one tonight. Still got a bit of a dry beak. Worth it tho.

April 25, 2006. Uncategorized.

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