Pigeons Everywhere Jump For Joy

This is Derek, jumping for joy.

It’s true, pigeons all over the world are out partying, hard.

Don’t want to say I told you so, but I did. Looks like bird flu ‘aint for us after all. I found out yesterday but wanted to check it a bit more before the big ‘ye fuckin’ ha’. Now even CNN are saying it.

Seems they’ve done tests that so far indicate we can only pick it up only when exposed to very high doses. They even squirted it straight into a pigeon’s face. Nada.

“We couldn’t infect the pigeons, to that’s good news” Leading scientist Dr Swayne said.

Good news, Dr Swayne? That’s the best fucking news ever in the history of news, surely?

Anyway, off out now to join the madness. London’s pigeons have gone mental. Not surprised. Looking at a large one tonight.

Still think the mask idea was good. Maybe I can adapt it for chickens? Food for thought.

April 24, 2006. Uncategorized.

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  1. January – So Far So Dull | Pigeon Blog replied:

    […] Then, even when something interesting does happen like a mad woman turning up with loads of free seed to give away, the chavs arrive. By chavs I mean the greedy fuckers that don’t have any manners. The ones that stick their dirty wings in your face and expect you to leave them there. FFS. I thought it was bad in London, but it’s rude down here, probably because most of them don’t really know what getting it tough is all about. Coming from London, and having lived through the seed ban, I know what scrabbling around for a sesame feels like. I even organised a campaign about it back in 2006 called Give Pigeons A Chance around the time it was also discovered pigeons couldn’t get bird flu. […]

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