Calling All Pigeons – In Warm Places…

Right – all gone quiet on the LA front – mainly coz it's just too fucking far. Not sure I want to go through the whole day/night thing either. Too much of a head fuck. Mart reckons I should make the most of what I got for a while… A bunch of cool pigeon mates and a stack of laughs living in London's West End. One snag – it's too fucking cold. I'm with him on the 'make the most' idea, but a bit of fucking sunshine would be nice. Five inches of snow in Kent at the weekend – kid you not – too much. Got me thinking: LA, too far, Bottom Europe, round the fucking corner. Ali – the Cyber Caff mate from Slough with the mate at The Airport – he still reckons it's a good idea.

So – I'm calling all pigeons who live in places where the sun shines at least once a week. You got to be out there somewhere?

This is what it's like here:

pigeon blog, pigeon in the snow

Frankly, confused, and not at all happy. 

This is where I want to be:


Ok – so they're gulls – but who gives a shit. Sure they wouldn't mind if I joined 'em for a while.

Btw – any pigeons thinking of coming over – don't. Nightlife's good but the weather sucks and there's no food.  

Pigeons in warm places: get in touch!

April 11, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. WiburPigeon replied:

    Hey Brian I have a idea for ya. You want to see the sun once a week? Simple. You got wings right? Stop thinking horizontal, think vertical. The clouds are not that thick.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    WiburPigeon: Trouble is I get well sick if I go too high. Tried it once and vommed for hours.
    Your pal
    Brian P

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