Urban Eyes: Cool Pigeon Project

A mate called Gnarl sent me this. Cheers bud.

A project called Urban Eyes.

Some blokes worked out that if you tag a load of pigeons using RFID, get them cammed up and then build them a special techy 'feeding platform', they'll swing by, dump their pics, and fuck off. Not sure what the point of it is. They'll probably only get the chav 'in it for the seed' brigade. Obv I got in touch and offered to help. Said I could get some mates down who might take it a bit more seriously. Mart was well up for it…

Had to think for a min if this was pigeon exploitation – not really tbh coz there's food involved.

This is their geeky feed platform – note the tagged dudes on top, dumping away:

Might deffo check this out though… part of the same gig:

One fucking cool looking pigeon hotel in Rotterdam. Well worth the fly I reckon.

March 28, 2006. Uncategorized.

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