Pigeons Blew Her Mind – literally.

So says themanwhofellsaleep. I mailed him coz he does this thing in Time Out – sort of a what’s on in London type mag – not much in there for pigeons though so don’t check it that often.

Every week he writes up stuff he hears people say on the underground. I was gonna offer my services being a bit of a tube traveller myself. Dunno if that’s gonna work out. Can kinda see why though…

He sent me this link.

It’s about how his ex-wife lost her marbels coz of birds in general – thankfully not just pigeons. The whole thing has obv left him a bit scarred – prob why he called us vermin. Don’t really blame him. Hang in there mate.

March 28, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Julia replied:

    Brian, another pigeon question – I’ve learned the names of different bird steps from you, e.g. Kingley Leg Lift, but is there a name for the male pigeon’s mating dance (you know, the one with the puffed-up throat, sweeping tale, turning in a circle while cooing)? And do pigeons actually think that’s a cool dance step or is it completely naff?

  2. Themanwhofellasleep replied:

    I should point out that the story is fictional. I don’t have an ex-wife and I actually have a lot of time for pigeons.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Julia: Sadly it’s something we can’t help. Sounds weird but it kinda just happens. See a sexy bird and the old chest puffs up. Then you have to start pacing around to make it go away. Totally cool when the chick’s into it, but it’s bad news when it happens without you knowing at a bus stop or something or on a tube. Well embarassing! You’r right though – should tackle it as a pigeon myth coz it does look odd!
    Your pal
    Brian P

    Manwhofelasleep: Cool. Thanks for that. Glad you think we’re ok too and not vermin. Was a bit worried for a min. I heard a good one on the tube the other day – meant to tell you – someone actually said: “Wonder if that’s Brian Pigeon?”. Cool huh.
    Your pal
    Brian P

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