The Mysteries of Google, Thanks Goes To Janice and The Extended Back Leg Toe Point

Do any of you ever look at your search engine refs and go: what the fuck? I got someone yesterday after they did a search for ‘pigeon ears’. Hilarious. ‘Pigeon ears’? Pissed myself. Thankfully Google ranked me no. 1 for this – no idea why, but thanks anyway guys. Small wonder really, not much out there on ‘pigeon ears’, you fuckwit.

While we’re on techy stuff – big up to Janice at Technorati. Bit of an issue with the pinging, but she sussed it and sorted it. Love ‘er.

So – Mart and me were out and about earlier playing with brian pigeon cam. Here’s my mate Lionel doing the ‘extended back leg toe point’ manouvre. Not bad.

Pic’s a bit shit though. Then again, it was Mart that took it!

Anyway, off to Ali’s tonight for a bit of chinkie throwaway – almost blew him out – too fuckin’ cold – not seen him for a while though so best not. Also, Norm started sneezing again and told me to stay away till tomorrow. Twat. Must’ve dropped a feather in his headphones. Ha ha. Sooner I can go wireless portable beak held, the better.

March 21, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Suz replied:

    Hello again, don’t you know why Google is so good? Here is the mystery revealed:

    Yes, pigeons rule! đŸ™‚

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Suz: Cheers for this – I had heard about it tbh. Should thank ’em really – just also heard they’d laid ’em all off recently though… Didn’t want to rub any beaks in it!
    Yout pal
    Brian P

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