LOTS of People are Giving Pigeons A Chance

Ok – here’s an update on the ‘Give Pigeons A Chance’ campaign I launched a couple of weeks ago in response to Mayor Ken’s frankly pigeon unfriendly behaviour. He’s been anti-us since he got in. First thing he did was ban pigeon feeding on Trafalgar Square. Bastard. Then he sent in Eric the Hawk, and now he’s telling everyone we’ve got the flu. Simply not true. Ever heard a pigeon sneeze? I think not.

Anyway, it seems people everywhere really do care. Lots. 268 signatures * so far from all round the world. This blogging thing rocks. Being a pigeon I could never have got this many from carrying around a clip board, even with Mart’s help.

Check it out. Here’s is some of the stuff they’ve been saying:

“Don´t be cruel, stop starving the pigeons to death. They also want to live like you!” Sabine Brunelli

“What is wrong with Ken Livingstone? Why is he uptight about pigeons? Mr. Livingstone seems like a bad man.” Myra.

“Please don’t harm the pigeons in such a cruel way. They are such wonderful, intelligent birds. Open your eyes and hearts, please.” Debra Garceau-McGarry

Brings a tear to my eye. Kid you not. Strangely there seem to be a fair few from France, which is odd seeing as I slagged them bad a few days ago. They obviously don’t hold a grudge. Mind you, I heard they love a good protest too.

“There are too many humans on this planet…Do you want to starve them too?There is another way !!!” Eneas Mentzel

You tell ’em Eneas. Strong stuff.

“I don’t need a huge amount of intelligence for realize this: PIGEONS SUFFER, and you don’t care about it. That shows you are less smart than a pigeon. Pathetic”. Matias Barmat

Too right Matias.

Cheers to everyone for their support. Power to the pigeons.

*As this was a few years ago no, the petition isn’t there anymore. I did get 3000 in the end.

March 20, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. RoooRoooo replied:

    The French definitely love pigeons. Paris wouldn’t be Paris without you!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: Merci. Certainly looks that way from the ammount of French dudes who signed the petition. Good work!
    Your pal

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