Another Unlikely Pigeon Lover

Kid you not – this scary looking gangland killer loanshark mob guy loves the pigeon – or does he?

His name’s Joey Ida. Turns out he ‘rescued’ a racing pigeon called Billie who got lost – and this is where if gets suss – he got lost flying from France to Liverpool. A piece of piss flight – just one stright line across the channel. These racing guys seriously know their shit but somehow, Billie misses the whole of the British Isles completely, and ends up in Staten Island NY. Bad weather my arse. Don’t believe a word of it. How can you miss a whole country? Far more likely he was on a gangland mission himself. Probably part of the Liverpool mob – they got some seriously hard as fuck pigeons up there. Who knows. Don’t really wanna guess either.

Anyway, this NY mob guy Joey, who probably got a tip off from the pigeon gangs in NY, ‘rescues him’ – or kidnaps depending on your POV – and puts him on a plane straight back to Liverpool. Poor fucker probably got bumped the minute he landed.

Thanks for the story Fritz. Those mobster NYC pigeons got alot to answer for. Mind you, now I’ve written this I’d best steer clear of Liverpool for a while. Don’t wanna end up 1ft under.

March 19, 2006. Uncategorized.

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