Pigeon’s Eye View

Bit of a heavy one in the end last night – having slagged the plastic paddy pigeons I bumped into a few on Piccadilly Circus and ended up on the black stuff. One of ’em found a spilled tinny. Shame. Staggering everywhere – not a good look for a pigeon. Well embarassing. It doesn’t take alot. Couple a sips and we’re gone. So – bit of a dry beak and thumping head tbh. Mart had an early one so he’s fine.
Anyway – found this story. Some boring chick called Karen has been taking pics of some seriously dull shit, and turned it into a magazine.

“The images include a seagull, its beak messy from eating a chocolate mousse; the sign on a door in a care home; a giant plastic dinosaur; photographs of plastic bags, apparently holding dog waste, hanging from a post in a park. Vanity Fair, it is not. “
What a load of old wank. Jesus Christ. If she can do it – so can I. My life probably pisses on hers on the interest front and – from looking at some of her pics – I reckon I could do better. Gonna call it ‘Pigeon’s Eye View’ – what do you reckon? Let me know in the comments. Ali’s up for it and offered to help. Cool.

In the meantime  – The Guardian are asking for people to send in pics of their boring life so I’m gonna send one in. If nothing else just to let them know ‘boring’ or ‘mundane’ are not words we pigeons use that often.

March 18, 2006. Uncategorized.

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