Mike Tyson LOVES The Pigeon – kid you not

Seems even totally bonkers ear munching Mike Tyson loves us pigeons.

My pal Fritz sent me this – great story! Tyson’s gone and bought himself a load of Roller Pigeons. No – these aren’t pigeons on skates – that would be cool – they’re mad as fuck suicide dudes:

“As a breeder, Tyson prizes his “deep rollers,” the kamikaze-style pigeons who tumble with slight drops, then execute breathtaking dives. Those birds fly miles overhead, then nose-dive into a death-defying deep roll, hurtling their bodies downward before safely pulling out at the last moment — or slamming to the ground.”

Gnarly stuff.

Wonder how they learned to do that shit. Landing’s never been my thing. If ever there was a pigeon olympics, they’d clean up in the ‘synchronised dive bombing’ coz us London pigeons suck at it.

Cheers for the story, Fritz.

March 18, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Fritz replied:

    Those rollers are some incredible birds. I think even the hawks must have a hard time keeping up with their flying skills.
    Pigeons in Tyson’s coop can chill out fo sho.
    I pity the fool that tries to mess with them.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: I know – they must feel well secure. Must also be just as bonkers as he is though. Wonder what they talk about?
    Your pal

  3. Fritz replied:

    Actually they sound alot like X Games type crazy stoners.
    They like to flirt with the “Edge” put it all on the line and then act real casual about it like some surfer from Maui. The difference is they don’t use terms like gnarly and rad. They get their message across with dope ass body language. Fuckin loons every mother’s son of em.
    probably why Tyson feels right at home with them.

  4. TEXAS BOY replied:

    your pigions ar tight dude

    how many feet does your best one do?

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