Pigeon Blog: The Movie – just round the corner!

Well, not exactly – but came across this yesterday:


The world’s smallest camera. The Sharp LZOP396D. Totally pigeon sized – if I’m beaking it though just got to be careful not to swallow. Mind you, that’s presuming I don’t need to strap a fucking great mobile phone to my back to use it. Suspect I do. Waiting to hear on that one.

Cheers Gizmodo.



March 17, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon replied:

    That reminds me of this project: http://latteier.com/pigeoncam/

  2. Kristina replied:


    Sorry. I had a moment of child-like glee happen just now. I apologise that it happened on your blog.

    I’m all for a movie about pigeons. I really think it would be best in black and white – very artsy, if you will.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Pigeon: Cheers mate. Cool. Gonna see if it’s still going. Maybe look at a JV? Are you one of them?
    Your pal

    Kristina: I know – had to ignore it – ate one once and it was pretty good. They are cute though. Black and white for the movie – cool idea. It’s all gonna be beak held so quite wobbly – kinda Dogma style. Could be cool…
    Your pal
    Sir B

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