Newsflash: London Hawk Could Be French!

Right – after a bit of pecking around and a chat to Terry on The Square it looks like the Trafalgar Square killing machine – known as Eric – could be French.

Tbh not sure why he's called Eric – doesn't sound fucking French to me, also bit of a twatty name for a Hawk – but what do I know, I'm only a pigeon.

Anyway, this is what the press release from Mayor Ken said when he hired him:

"A hawk is flown throughout the day once feeding has ceased in order to scare away pigeons. The presence of the hawk sends a strong signal to visitors to the Square that feeding is no longer permitted, and is a popular, natural and humane method of reducing the presence of pigeons during the day."

'Popular, natural and humane' – my arse. Certainly not 'popular' with the fucking pigeons! Word on the street is it scares the shit out of any who get in its way – makes out like it's gonna eat them – and targets the olds who are normally shit at flying. Seems Hawkboy Eric knows exactly what he's doing.

The French thing comes from Terry who reckons he's clocked a couple of French pigeons knocking about – and they don't look like there on no day trip! Weirdly – Hawkboy Eric leaves them alone… What the fuck?

He said they turned up one night – and then just mingled with the London pigeons talking in well bad fake cockney accents – coz Terry's a TP he's done the rounds and knows a shit cockney accent when he hears one – esp when it's done by a couple of French twats.

Like I say – only two so far – worrying though.

This is turning into a right undercover op. Love it. So does Mart. Thank fuck for this blogging thing – any French pigeons out there who know anything about this piece of shit Eric – let me know in the comments coz it seems he's doing the dirty on us London pigeons – as if Ken wasn't bad enough.

May have to go to France. Anyone out there know where the ferry goes from coz I'm not flying in this weather?

March 14, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. RoooRoooo replied:

    That’s scary news. I’m French (Paris is a wonderful place for pigeons but the poor fellows annoy some stupid people and their life is getting harder and harder), never heard of any hawk wrecking havoc among pigeons in Paris…Maybe the bastards will eat one of those pink hellish pigeons and die from indigestion. That’d be only fair.
    BTW, I found your blog yesterday, read as much as the WordPress servers would let me – your life is much more interesting than mine!

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRooo: A pigeons life seems to be getting harder wherever we go. Nightmare. Also I’m sure some French pigeons are cool, just not when they nick our food. In fact quite fancy popping over to Paris one day? Also love the idea of the Pink Parade getting munched on by Eric. kill 2 birds in one! Maybe I can point Eric in the right direction and sell them in as trifle?
    Thanks for coming back – the servers have been a pain in the arse for 2 days. Think they’re ok now…
    Your pal

  3. RoooRoooo replied:

    I did some research and found this (in French, sorry) :
    It’s very pigeon-friendly, condemn the various “population control” laws and overall hatred against pigeons. Seems like feeding pigeons is forbidden in Paris, too. Everybody does it, though, and I’ve never seen the police say anything about that…
    Interesting piece of information I got here : killing pigeons is forbidden in Italy. They are protected as wild animals. Might be a nice place to spend a holiday!

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    RoooRoooo: Cheers for the research! Translated it in babelfish and, have to say, it doesn’t make much sense but totally smells like it’s anti-pigeon. Shame. Was quite looking forward to my Paris trip. Maybe I should be a bit more forgiving to the couple that have moved onto The Square? Looks like pigeons down your way got it tough too. Italy though – top idea – bit of a Mafia thing going down at the mo though in the pigeon community. Maybe this is why? Everyone leaves ’em alone, so they start gang fighting… hmmm. Gonna investigate this one. If it’s cool though – Roma here I coma! Could do with some sunshine.
    Your pal

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