Popcorn Eddie

Just heard from Fritz that the pigeon dude in the post before is called ‘Popcorn Eddie’. Apparently he’s doing the ‘Dove from Heaven’ landing technique. Seriously fucking hard. Told Fritz I’d give it a go. Prob not. Prob break my fucking neck! He’s doing it near the St John The Divine – tbh I hate pigeons that do that. Just playing the gallery. It’s like the TPs over here. Check this one out:

Not quite the pic you got, Fritz, but just check out the up his arse look in his eye. Wanker. He’s doing the ‘Parallel toe thrust’. Ok, it’s pretty hard, but not that hard.

March 13, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Fritz replied:

    The trick to that flight maneuver is that you need to watch the films of German Stuka dive bombers from WWII. They go into a steep dive and pull out just at the last bit. Sort of what Eddie does but then he reverses and gets the dove landing.
    He once did this move while being pursued by Pale Male
    http://www.palemale.com/. This bouht Eddie alot of respect in the city because most Pigeons don’t live to tell after an encounter with Pale Male.
    When Eddie landed and PM flew off he gave him the “bird” in a very large way

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: It’s the pulling out bit I find hard. Gonna give it a go tomorrow and get Mart to do the pics. Shame you’re not London based to capture the crash landing! Pale Male on the other hand scares the shit out of me. Looks a bit like the scary fuck on Trafalger Square.
    Your pal

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