Shame there were no tomatoes

Ok – went to the NW9 allotments – fucking miles in the freezing cold – flying like twats and, guess what: no fucking tomatoes! Not one. Out of season. Nothing but a bunch of twigs. Mart can be such a knob sometimes. So kebabs it is till summer kicks in. Bring it on!
Anyway – finally managed to kick Norm off the PC – tbh I flew in, dropped a few feathers and set his allergy off – sneezing like a mentalist. Drastic measures.
Didn't post this before coz the WordPress servers were fucked yesterday. Anyone else have trouble or was it just me? Let me know in the comments. Sorry to any Boing Boingers that came but that's the trouble with free hosting. Not complaining or anything but I'm a pigeon for fuck's sake – dedicated servers are out of the question – for now. Got an 'in' with a pigeon pal lives on their roof – may be able to do something like shit on their data centre…?

March 13, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Fritz replied:

    Thats a New York City Pigeon named “Popcorn Eddie” he is doing his famous Dove from heaven landing near St John the Divine. Its a crowd pleaser and it keeps him fat.

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: NYC pigeons rock. Hard as nuts. “Popcorn Eddie” – think I’ve heard of him… I’ll have to try that ‘Dove from Heaven’ thing. Looks impossible. Like I say, my landings are shit in comparison.
    Your pal

  3. Fritz replied:

    Hes a hard ass alright. Full of New York attitude, you can’t pull nothin over on him. I do like the way he works the tourists or “rubes” as he calls them for every bit of popcorn and wonder bread they can send his way.

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: I hear Central Park is like some kinda pigeon mecca. This true?
    Your pal

  5. Fritz replied:

    There are numerous stautues of famous military men of times gone by mounted on horseback throughout the park and there are gangs of pigeons that hang out at each one.
    Pigeons got to be on top of things and not hit the wrong statue or it could get ugly.
    Life has gotten tougher ever since Pale Male became a celebrity. People are more interested in his getting fed which means pigeons dying in his talons.

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    Fritz: Pale Male sounds like a complete and utter pigeon nightmre. Bit like that over here on the statue front – esp in Hyde Park coz there’s not many of them there, and it’s a big park. One of the best places for statues though is Trafalger Square which is where our version of Pale Male hangs out. Oh well.
    Your pal

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