Right – I’m back!

Sorry pigeon pals – Mart and I went on a bit of an awayday yesterday – which was cool. Thought we’d do the London thing and suss out a few nuts places to hang out,  plus Norm said he was gonna be busy on the pc anyway. Saying that, he fucking forgot to leave the window open today – not so cool. Nearly smashed my head open.

Anyway – we did loads in the end and met some rockin’ pigeons.

Had a top laugh too. Mart took this of me doing the: “Argh, help, I’m falling…” thing off the fountains in Trafalgar Square.

Me doing the “Argh, help, I’m falling…” thing – taken by Mart

Fucking funny, and he actually took quite a good pic for once. Unlike this one of me trying to do the Kingly leg lift. Shame coz I nearly did it.

Me doing the Kingly – taken by Mart!

Didn’t get back in time to do a night post either coz we ended up going to the Globe to see if Doug was doing his stuff – see post below. Lying arse – place doesn’t even open till May! Went all the way down there – and it was fucking shut. Didn’t matter though coz we had a right laugh on the stage.

Didn’t take any pics of us, but this is the stage:


The stage at The Globe

Imagine it – Mart and I – two fucking pigeons prancing around doing the classic ‘You talkin’ to me’ scene from Goodfellas. I’m doin’ the Joe Pesci part and Mart’s Ray Liotta. Pissed ourselves.

We’ll do it again and take pics next time.

March 10, 2006. Uncategorized.

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