Phew – We Made It

Fuckin’ hard work this moving nest thing. Jesus. All went ok though apart from getting soaked. Decided to fuck off the twig by twig approach and went for the rebuild. Just started really. Only found a couple of straws so far so didn’t sleep too good last night. Never mind. I’ll go hunt some out later. Not many trees in Soho though so maybe I’ll wing it to Hyde Park? There’s loads there.

Probably not as many as this, but almost.

One thing Mart and I found out which is fucking hilarious – if you fly really close up to the Coca Cola video on Piccadilly Circus and stare at it, it makes your eyes go funny. Well trippy. We absolutely pissed ourselves. Did it for hours. Got some looks from the Piccadilly posse, but who cares.

Anyway, doing this post from… my new office. Not quite as swank as Slough and miss my cork pin board but it’s central, and that rocks. Mad though – and why I’m runnin’ a bit late – Ali said his mate would leave a window open – didn’t bother to look and only flew through the wrong fucking window! Ended up in some tarts bedroom. She freaked and I fucked off sharpish. It was rank.

Planning to hunt down Doug later – my wannabe pigeon actor mate – and tell him the tops news: we’ve moved in!


March 8, 2006. Uncategorized.

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