Now THIS is disturbing…

My mate Mr Wolf – sent me a link to this and, fucking hell, I nearly fucking died! Wanted to piss myself but was also slightly disturbed… still did though.

It’s a bunch of mentalists – all in the name of science my arse – who have done a vid of some poor twat of a pigeon (clearly drugged up to the balls) trying to pull a bird on a TV screen – Jesus. Obviously off his head and probably well embarrassed about the whole thing. They wanted to study our pulling technique! Our fucking pulling technique. People, if you haven’t  developed your own by now this whole planet is up the shitter! Also, to be frank, what the poor pigeon fuck did that day did was way out of line and in the real world would probably deserve a sharply pointed toe up the arse. Any pigeons out there – do NOT try what he did!

THEN, as if that wasn’t fucking weird enough – they made a ‘virtual’ pigeon. Why? 3 generations of them. Why? Do they want them to breed??! You should see the state of them!

Disturbing quote: “the last generation Virtual Pigeon now seems to be realistic enough to fool other birds. We observe full courtship response from male birds that are presented with the 3rd generation VP”.

Jesus Christ. What kind of pigeons live in Ontario??? Are they really that desperate? If they are, just send them over here for fucks sake. Plenty to go round. Anything other than watch them try to fuck pretend pigeons.  So fucking degrading.

You’ve absolutely got to check it out though – unless you’re a pigeon who’s easily freaked…

Thank you Mr W for the best laugh I’ve had in years! Gonna so tell it to the Hoxton boys tomorrow night. Yep – it’s that time of the week again. Not tubing it though – got fucking stuck at Great Portland Street last time – nightmare.

March 2, 2006. Uncategorized.

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