A Slip of The Beak… sucks.

For those who just checked in you can see how a simple slip of the beak can fuck everything up. Nightmare. Fuckin’ pain in the arse. Where was Ali when I needed him? Fucked off home for the day. I put a post up about “Durable Pigeon Stickers” – quite funny – not loads – but quite – and the whole blog fucked up. No idea why. Me and my cocky pigeon arse.
So, calling it a day. Fucked off. Also the chinkie last night gave me the shits which probably doesn’t help, and now I’ve got to do the long haul home. If you’re about to motor down the M4 to London, look out for a scrawny arse pigeon in a bad mood freezing its tits off.

March 2, 2006. Uncategorized.

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