Pancakes A Plenty

Last night rocked. There were more pancakes for the pecking than we could cope with. Fuckin’ hilarious. Me, Eliot, Mart and the boys doing the swoop thing. Had to watch the Hackney gang though – rough as fuck and they think us Hoxton posse are a bunch of poetry reading nancies.

Didn’t take pigeon cam in the end – didn’t want to get pancake on it. Quite good though coz Del – my Brixton homeboy pigeon pal who got me my pigeon cam, had to get one too – he’s kind of like that. He took this of me and Mart going for the same bit. Fucking funny. We pissed ourselves.  Think Mart won…

Anyway, talking poetry which I realise I haven’t done for a while – just been too busy with other shit – was going through Poem Hunter this morning kinda half looking for one to include in my ‘Give Pigeons A Chance‘ petition pack for Ken and found one I which sounded the nuts called: ‘A Balade of Complaint’:

A Balade of Complaint
Compleyne ne koude, ne might myn herte never,
My peynes halve, ne what torment I have,
Though that I sholde in your presence ben ever,
Myn hertes lady, as wisly he me save
That Bountee made, and Beautee list to grave
In your persone, and bad hem bothe in-fere
Ever t’awayte, and ay be wher ye were.

As wisly he gye alle my joyes here
As I am youres, and to yow sad and trewe,
And ye, my lyf and cause of my gode chere,
And deeth also, whan ye my peynes newe,
My worldes joye, whom I wol serve and sewe,
Myn heven hool, and al my suffisaunce,
Whom for to serve is set al my plesaunce.

Beseching yow in my most humble wyse
T’accepte in worth this litel pore dyte,
And for my trouthe my servyce not despyse,
Myn observaunce eke have not in despyte,
Ne yit to longe to suffren in this plyte;
I yow beseche, myn hertes lady, here,
Sith I yow serve, and so wil yeer by yere.

Geoffrey Chaucer

I nearly had a fucking heart attack. Jesus Christ! What the fuck kind of language is that?? Does any twat speak it and how do they find shit on Poem Hunter using words like ‘trouthe’ and ‘hertes’ and ‘t’awayte’? Jesus. If anyone out there understands this shit – let me know in the comments. Just a yes or no will do.

Perhaps Geof Chaucer is some kind of Alien? Maybe he’s got a website? Maybe I could get in touch and ask him to explain himself coz noone else is gonna fucking understand his shit. I’ll do some sniffing this avo.
In the meantimee here’s a great pic which is gonna go in my Ken pack for sure – taken by Del on the way back this morning…

It’s me having a shit in front of one of Ken’s ‘Do Not Feed the Pigeons‘ boards on Trafalgar Square. Fuckin’ hilarious. Deffo gonna send it to him – may frame it poster size although this is probably quite hard to sort for a pigeon… Maybe Ali can help…?

March 1, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. littlebt replied:


  2. pigeonblog replied:

    Thought so! Still trying to hunt him down – reckon he needs to know his writing is shit.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Brian P

  3. fritz replied:

    great blog. good to hear from a pidgy perspective

  4. pigeonblog replied:

    Mr Fritz: Thanks! Glad to hear my views are of interest. ‘Pidgy’ – like it!
    Brian P

  5. artm replied:

    Well, don’t know on poetry hunter, but there are places where you could searche fore truthe ande stuffe like that. Check oute:

    Geof’s shite doesn’t cometh up on the laste one but he’s there indirectly in “Anonymous: An anthology of Chancery English (1384-1462)”

    I guess that would be the name of the language then – Chaucery English, only they puted “u” upside downe.

  6. pigeonblog replied:

    Artm: Thanks loads for this! Totally useful. Do you think the people that speak it are called ‘Chauceries’? Do you think they live in a land called ‘Chauceryland’??! Not sure what the numbers mean tho… is it that 1384-1462 Chauceries speak ths stuff? Guess I’ll have to look that one up. Wonder they’ve got a word for pigeon…?
    Upside down ‘u’s are so not the way to go. Just confusing.
    Yours Brian P

  7. Antonio Pigeon replied:

    Perhaps I cannot understand the this Chaucer but because are Italian pigeon? I do not speak English so as to of Chaucer this and good bloke seems one crazy tip. It is appreciate the dry blow? Reall I do not understand all motherfuckers and merda in how much one. I prefer Gilberto Bebel for honest being. Love



  8. mumsie replied:

    yup. i knew that if i waited long enough all those years spent at the back of a middle english class would pay off – if only to brag on a pigeon blog.

  9. r.e.wolf replied:

    That last photo is the best one yet!!!

  10. pigeonblog replied:

    Antonio: Grazi! How cool – an Iti pigeon. Fancy joining in my sniff test?? (see Simple Sniff Test post). Yep – looks like Geoff C is one crazy ‘tip’ – lovin that. Bebel Gilbretto – is that a make of ice cream?
    Brian P

    Mumsie: Bragging on pigeonblog is where it’s at. Still trying to contact this Chaucer geezer tho – can’t find a contact anywhere…

    Mr Wolf: good to hear from you – shame that pic was taken by Del tho. Annoying isn’t it! Think he’s a bit of a natural… may have to get him to come along more often!

  11. Kristina replied:

    Ah! Someone else who uses the word ‘Pidgy’! (Though always spelt it ‘Pidgie’) Splendid!

  12. Fritz replied:

    Pidgy or Pidgie ,….Hmmmm… I think you are right.. I stand corrected its Pidgie.

  13. pigeonblog replied:

    Kristina and Fritz: There is no right or wrong in this – whatever way you spell it it’s a lovely word and one I plan to use, alot!
    Regards Brian P

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