Monday Mornings Suck – cool pics though

Had to chip yesterday. Mart got bored. Fair enough – and there’s nothing worse than a bored pigeon. So, I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to wing it back to Ali’s gaff to get some pics from the weekend up asap. Knackered. Ever wondered why you never hear pigeons joining in with the dawn chorus? We fucking hate mornings.

Anyway, it was worth it. Check out the cool pics:

This is one I took of Mart. Bit dodgy on the focus front but was just getting to grips with the new cam…

This is a bit better – Pete doing his “Oi – you looking at me?” thing. Hilarious.

‘The Boys’! Check out Derek on the right doing a runner. Hates having his pic taken.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Off to take some more. Need to work on the focus thing.

Also – this rocks – just found out I’m on the Best Blogs page on WordPress. Fuckin’ a! Thanks guys.

February 27, 2006. Uncategorized.

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