Pigeon Cam Arrives, And Freedom At Last

Last night was one big hit all round, hanging with Eliot and the boys in Hoxton.We talked all sorts of poetry/art/culture shit. Took it in turns reading some stuff. Wordsworth, who is usually a bit up his own arse to join in, said a mate of his found a top poem on this site called Poem Hunter .

I just joined and signed up for a daily poem – reckon it might fatten up my knowledge of the written word.

Anyways, here it is. I think it bigs us pigeons up alot:

They paddle with staccato feet
In powder-pools of sunlight,
Small blue busybodies
Strutting like fat gentlemen
With hands clasped
Under their swallowtail coats;
And, as they stump about,
Their heads like tiny hammers
Tap at imaginary nails
In non-existent walls.
Elusive ghosts of sunshine
Slither down the green gloss
Of their necks in an instant, and are gone.
Summer hangs drugged from sky to earth
In limpid fathoms of silence:
Only warm dark dimples of sound
Slide like slow bubbles
From the contented throats.
Raise a casual hand –
With one quick gust
They fountain into air.

Richard Kell

Kills me to say it but Wordsworth read it quite well too.

Gonna look up Richard Kell – maybe he’s a bit of a ‘pigeon fancier’. Not that I like that phrase one bit. Well dodgy connotations.

This is just one of the reasons why – medical research my arse.

Back to last night – to be honest I think Mart gets a bit lost when it comes to the poetry stuff, he kinda glazes over, so he went off to take some pics. Nothing whatsoever worth posting tho.

Wanna know the best bit of all about last night? Delroy rocked up on the promise of throwaway. No way would he have rocked up if he’d known about the poetry. Del is one rude dude of a homeboy pigeon motherfucker from Brixton – only trouble is he talks a bit weird – it’s a Brixton thing. Frankly I also think he puts it on a bit…

“Yo yo yo, main man, gimme yo click ya toe an tick ma feths good style – mo gotton yo pic cam flick”

That, simply translated:

“Hello. Shake my toe. Here’s the camera.”

What a fuckin’ dude though! My very own pigeon cam! A mate of his knocked it up for me. It’s gonna cost me some but Del reckons he’ll wait for the payback coz this blogging pigeon thing is gonna take off (excuse the pun).

Del was happy too coz we scored on the throwaway front with a half bag of warm chips complete with salt, ketchup and vinegar. Result.
So… how cool is this – Me and Mart are off up the West End now to take some pics. Mart said he had to come to show me how to do it. Sad.

Gonna see if I can shoot some Tourist Pros (fully trained pigeons mainly found in spots with a high concentration of tourists – more on that another day).

For now – he’s my first pic – me and Mart swung by Hayes on the way to Ali’s place, and took this:

This is the reason Hayes sucks, bad – it’s such a boring shithole, playing woodchip lucky dip is about all there is to do (which is what Edd and Phil doing top right).

February 25, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. gg replied:

    i love pigeons

  2. pigeonblog replied:

    gg: Jolly good thing.
    Your pal
    Bri P

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