Nothing To Do With Me (at all). See Ya Ken!

Looks like Ken has gone and got himself suspended all on his own! Ha ha. Didn’t need my ‘Give Pigeons a Chance’ petition afterall (was gonna launch it tomorrow).

Now he’s got some time on his hands maybe he’ll give it all a bit more thought? Thinking of rounding up some of my scrawnier mates to sit on his windowsill looking hungry… food for thought (forgive the pun). Ref: Ken food scare post!
Looking into this bird flu thing tomorrow – in the meantime I’m going to take some Beechams and play it safe.
Got to dash as I’m hanging with the Hoxton literary posse tonight (becoming a bit of a regular Friday thing, which is nice). Just had to post this (by flying through the open window of a school toilet – don’t say I don’t go that extra mile).

Allowed Mart to bring his camera this time… could be a mistake…

February 24, 2006. Uncategorized.

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