The Long Commute (but Ali’s gaff rocks!)

Right – I finally made it to Slough!

Bit of a rough night though hence the delayed post – ended up hanging out with Ali chatting geek shit till pretty late. Bottom line is he got me well set up! What a dude! Side room complete with scanner. It rocks. Bless him he even got me one of those cork notice boards so I can pin up me pics, contacts, things to do etc. (didn’t have the heart to tell him I mainly use XP for this).

So… yes, I actually managed to navigate my way to Slough. Pathetic! It was a piece of piss in the end. Just fly along the M4! I fucked up last time by turning right too early and ending up in Langley (see link for preferred route – as you’ll see, well sad. It’s almost a straight line!).

The only trouble with this whole deal is it’s a fucker of a commute. Jesus. Alright in the summer when the thermals kick in but when the wind’s blowing a force 10 and it’s pissing down, not so nice. Ali said it was cool to stay over if I can’t face the fly back – so I did. Don’t like to do that too often though. I miss my home comforts.

Turns out he’s a really nice bloke. Cracking sense of humour. He asked me not to link to where he’s based though coz (fair enough) he reckons one pigeon blogger is enough for now. To be honest, much as I want to encourage more pigeons to get blogging, I quite fancy the idea of my own office (call me selfish).

I gave him admin rights for when the weather really is way too shit to travel so he can approve comments and stuff (told him not to reply though which means there may be a delay in between approval and reply… just to warn you – hope that’s cool).

He also reckons he can get me a knock off Blackberry so we can chat more often – not sure this is such a good idea.

So, right now I’m going to long haul it home (just need to check up on a few things like the neck-cam). Then I’m going to jet it back so I can get going on another couple of pieces I’m working on (and reply to comments!).

To be honest though, I may have to consider a London office if the commute gets too much (not dissing you Ali, just might need an occasional alternative?).

Anyone got any accommodation (decent broadband connection essential of course!). Let me know in the comments.



February 21, 2006. Uncategorized.

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