Steady on Ken!!!

Loving my new office! Ali – you rock, man!

Will deal with those air pollution tracking twats tomorrow but for now…

…wanted to share this shitty piece of breaking news.

Jesus Christ! As if we don’t have it hard enough. In any other world this would be out and out racism.

Fuck the poetry. Am seriously considering standing up for the rights of pigeons everywhere.

Gonna write to Ken and point out that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, nada, that us pigeons have got anything to do with bird flu. Have you ever seen a pigeon sneeze? Have you fuck.

February 21, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Pigeon Blog - Nothing To Do With Me (at all). See Ya Ken! replied:

    […] Now he’s got some time on his hands maybe he’ll give it all a bit more thought? Thinking of rounding up some of my scrawnier mates to sit on his windowsill looking hungry… food for thought (forgive the pun). Ref: Ken food scare post! Looking into this bird flu thing tomorrow – in the meantime I’m going to take some Beechams and play it safe. Got to dash as I’m hanging with the Hoxton literary posse tonight (becoming a bit of a regular Friday thing, which is nice). Just had to post this (by flying through the open window of a school toilet – don’t say I don’t go that extra mile). […]

  2. Pigeon Blog - Bird Flu - A Simple Solution replied:

    […] A simple mask, modelled here by Pam who suffers from chronic asthma and normally can’t go anywhere near flowers. We’re so pleased with the results, we’ll be including details and a full spec in the proposal to Ken (Ref earlier post:  ‘Steady on Ken!!!’). To be honest. I think we need to act fast. The sense of panic is starting to spread thanks to Ken and we’re already getting some funny looks on the street… […]

  3. Pigeon Blog - Pancakes A Plenty replied:

    […] Didn’t take pigeon cam in the end – didn’t want to get pancake on it. Quite good though coz Del – my Brixton homeboy pigeon pal who got me my pigeon cam, had to get one too – he’s kind of like that. He took this of me and Mart going for the same bit. Fucking funny. We pissed ourselves.  Think Mart won… Anyway, talking poetry which I realise I haven’t done for a while – just been too busy with other shit – was going through Poem Hunter this morning kinda half looking for one to include in my ‘Give Pigeons A Chance‘ petition pack for Ken and found one I which sounded the nuts called: ‘A Balade of Complaint’: […]

  4. Pigeon Blog - Terry, Hawkboy - and a bunch of scared pigeons… replied:

    […] What he told me was worse than the twat dressed as a hawk, that’s quite funny, it’s a twat with a hawk. Nearly shat myself. He told me not to worry coz Monday was his day off. I looked it up, and he’s right. Shit, man. A real hawk, and it’s been going on for years. Mind you – till I got into this whole Bird Flu / Ken thing, I hadn’t been to the Square for a while. Gotta think on this one… it sucks. Big time. Course TPs are allowed to hang out on the Square – that’s why they’re TPs – so Hawkboy leaves ‘em alone.  As for the other poor scrawny fuckers – no wonder the Square’s a desert these days. Such a shame. Used to be an ace place to hang out! […]

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