Rainy Sundays Suck (bad)

Weekend didn’t pan out quite as planned. Friday in Hoxton rocked then yesterday, it all went tits up. Got lost on the way to Slough. Another pigeon myth – we ‘feel’ the earth’s magnetic field – bollox. We use maps the same as everyone else. Wanted to get a Tom Tom when they came out but whoever invented them made them too fucking heavy for us pigeons plus, strangely enough, we don’t come with a built in cigarette lighter! Ignoramus.
So… the trip to Ali’s never happened (he probably thinks I’ve blown him out) and then, to top it all, I came back and found out I’d been banned from my other Cyber joint – pigeon friendly my arse. As a result of all this my mood took a turn for the worst and I couldn’t be fucked to go to Brixton, so they probably think I blew them out too.

Then (Martin’s idea) – top tip of the day (not): go to Soho Square and log onto the free wireless. Free – is it fuck. Borrowed a laptop and sat for hours under a bush in the pissing rain trying to log on. Nothing. Decided to call it a day on the weekend. How am I doing this post you might ask? Broke into my old Cyber joint. Twats left a window open. Don’t worry though – I’m going to shit all over the place before I leave! Ha ha.

February 19, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Ali replied:

    Hello Brian as now I am to be calling you! Like the new name…

    I did wait for you last night as I have find somethign special for you I think you will like.

    Come along soon.

    Your Pal


  2. Kristina replied:

    Hahaha. Don’t be too sad about the GPS – I’ve heard that they’re sometimes a bit wonky still; especially in cities. And who wants to fly over the highway?

    As for the internet cafe: they threw you out?! They deserve shite all over their lovely little tables, then.

  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Ali: Soz not to reply to this. Seeing as I’m now based at your gaff, guess there’s no need! Nice one pal.

    Kristina: I heard that too. They can takes ages to find out where you are. Not good when you’ve got to circle for half an hour. Knackering! As for the Cyber Caff – don’t worry, they got it big style!

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