Possible new techniques…

ok – now I’ve finally found a truly pigeon-friendly Cyber joint (thanks Ali!) I reckon I can really get going on this. Feedback so far seems to be pretty good. I got to thinking about the pics. Currently I’m using my mate Martin’s camera, which is a pain coz he’s part of the deal and not always around… also, to be frank, he’s not actually that consistent in his style:

This is one he took of me and him the other day – ignoring the fact we look a little puffed up (it was bloody cold up there I tell you!) to be honest, I didn’t really rate the framing and didn’t have the heart to tell him. What do you say to a mate that’s doing me a favour coz I decided to do this blog thing? Also – apart from anything else – he’s not even looking into the camera! A classic self timer error!

Anyway, cut a long story short but I found this:

I reckon it could be just what I’m looking for. Some twat has invented it thinking us pigeons would be great at detecting air pollution! Twat! Like we really want to be doing that! Anyway, I got to thinking this could be just the ticket. A camera I can hang around my neck that could send all the pictures I take (ok, working the self timer to get myself in may be tricky but…) straight to pigeonblog. So… does anyone know where I can get one? It really would be oh so handy and would avoid me having to tell Martin his photography sucks.Any help in the comments would be much appreciated.

Bye for now.

February 16, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. gary replied:

    Have you tried Jessops?

  2. Kristina replied:

    This is the niftiest idea for a blog I’ve seen yet.


  3. pigeonblog replied:

    Gary: Word on the street is Jessops aint that great on the customer service front but thanks anyway. Got a tip from a mate in Kentish Town that he might be able to knock one up for me. Not sure though as weight is clearly an issue… I’ll let you know.

    Kristina: Thanks for the feedback! Are you a pigeon? You sound hot… got any pics?

  4. Kristina replied:


    Nope; not a pigeon. Just an amused (and rather average looking) human.

  5. pigeonblog replied:

    Hey Kristina. Never mind! I bet you’re not average though and humans can be ok (in small doses). Reckon you might like the bird myth I just posted though. It’s well funny kinda aimed at you humans… got any human myths you can share with us pigeons?

  6. Kristina replied:

    Well there is the myth that no one’s ever seen one of your kids… when it’s still a kid, I mean.

    I have seen baby pigeons, however… so I’m not sure what they’re talking about.

  7. pigeonblog replied:

    Kristina: Chatted to a some mates about it (including Eliot) and we reckon it’s cool to blow this myth out of the water (even though you’ve fessed up to not being a pigeon). Watch this space for ‘Where do all the baby pigeons go?’.

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